Turf Types

Turf Types

Lubbock Turf Company is your local provider for hardy hybrid bermudas professionally selected for the West Texas area.

Princess 77

Princess 77 Turf from Lubbock Turf Co.

Most drought tolerant. Uses a third less water than most Bermuda varieties. Varied blade size and thicker density.

Tifway 419

Tiffway 419 Turf from Lubbock Turf Co.

Fine blades, uniform in size. Excellent choice for high-traffic areas, and also good for dogs. No seed heads.

NorthBridge [Coming Soon]

Fine texture, improved cold tolerance, early spring green-up, and extreme sod strength.

Princess 77 & Tifway 419 turf types are $0.45/psqft (per square foot).

NorthBridge turf type will be $0.50/psqft (per square foot)

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