Yardening, Gardening & Enjoying Outdoor Spaces During the Pandemic

A beautiful lawn with green grass is the perfect backyard setting.

Yardening, Gardening & Enjoying Outdoor Spaces During the Pandemic

Many people have experienced the same thoughts—during the time of COVID-19, and thus spending a lot of time at home, energies have emerged that inspire us to start (or finish up) various home projects. These range the gamut from interior and exterior, and from large to small.

Many folks have turned their efforts to the home environment where many of us relax and recreate: our own backyards. Giving this outdoor living space some extra attention is not only just plain positive, it can also be emotionally comforting, add to the value or our homes, and provide for a lot of enjoyment (during the project and after). Often, a great place to start with a yard is the grass or sod.

Whether the space is a small quaint area, or a large sprawling lawn, beautiful grass adds a lot to this environment. Visually, it brings verdant shades of green into the landscape; functionally, it adds the underlayment for endless enjoyment. From fun yard games to simply enjoying the visual image of green grass can lend endless comfort.

And, as many people have observed, finding comfort during the time of the pandemic is so valuable. Being outdoors can be especially soothing, including doing work in the yard and garden. As cited in a great article titled Why gardening during a pandemic is so comforting…, outdoor “yardening” and gardening recreation is healthy, promotes positive thinking, and can help us feel much less constrained. It is something we can do alone or with people in our closest inner circle.

We here at Lubbock Turf Co. are always glad to help you make decisions about sod, and to help make your yards all you want them to be. From repairing “bare patches” to installing a whole new lawn, we can help you. Feel free to reach out to us (see our contact information)—it would be great to visit with you!